Never Ending Story


Here is the back of a cave that i’m making for a tiny little turtle.

I’ve always longed for aquatic pets but my 20 year old cat will do just swimmingly.


The Cave of Orange Creme

The Cave of Orange Creme

I started making fish caves because I felt bad for my betta fish who had to spend all day and all night inside their respective fish bowls.

One day I came home to find a what looked to be a dried up leaf on the floor next to the fish bowls. That’s odd, I thought. How did a leaf end up all the way on the second floor of the house?

Upon further inspection, I discovered that the dried up leaf was the post suicidal corpse of my purple veil tail, D’Mitri. After almost two years he had become so bored with his life that he jumped out of his bowl.

Don’t let this happen to your beloved fish and sea creatures. Give them something to explore, something to do, and don’t forget to re-arrange the environment every month! (This really comes in handy when introducing new fish to a group tank, too.)

The Face of Hallucinogens

The Face of Hallucinogens

Accompanying this fresh new fish cave is a public service inquiry.

When I was little (early 90s) I repeatedly rented this video tape from the library called ‘Best of the Fest’. It had a bunch of short films. One was about these jack o lanterns that carved themselves and floated around town… another was about this man named dan who tried to buy a fan from this cheeky lizard… another was about a farmer and his unsettling silo… There was a double dutch jumprope montage…

What I’m getting at is I can find no information on this tape anywhere (even on the internet.) My hope is that someone who stumbles upon this will know what the hell I’m talking about and be able to refer me to a source where I can watch my beloved Best of the Fest again.

Happy Tuesday.

Clearly, This Family Needs Help.

Clearly, This Family Needs Help.


The orange father and the flowered red and turquoise mother gave birth to a buttercream son.

I have tried to get them into counseling, but failed miserably, as ceramic sculpture therapy is a small, expensive market for the filthy rich and privileged only.