Customize Your Aquarium in a Cheap but Admirable Way

Customize Your Aquarium in a Cheap but Admirable Way

I look at other shops selling similar items and wonder who would pay $15 for a three inch ‘ring bowl’ that took 20 minutes to create at the very most. Who would pay $30 for an ‘aquarium rock’ that someone found by the river?

I create my aquarium works with myself in mind, thinking, would I really pay $25 for a set of handmade aquarium accessories where I can choose the style and the color? The answer is…


Anything beats all the sunken treasure pirate crap at the pet store.


Coming soon to a vivarium near you…

Coming soon to a vivarium near you...

That’s right. This whole time I’ve been tagging things with ‘reptile’ and ‘reptile habitat’ I could’ve just been using the word vivarium.

Anyway, this is what is going to be bisque fired this week… today I glaze the sculpture from my previous post along with a few others.

I sold two more sculptures which was pretty exciting. As the great Josi once quoted from cheese school: Stack it high, watch it fly!

A Sculpture in Progress

A Sculpture in Progress

This is a cave designed for little bottom dwellers… they can pick inside the indents and find bottom dweller gold. Or whatever it is those bottom dwellers are always rummaging around for…

Would also look smashing with reptiles. Oh Behave.

I hope to have this in the shop in about 2 weeks. High Fire White Clay doesn’t like to dry very fast. I’m still waiting on a sculpture from 2 days ago to dry.

Thou Shall Pamper Thy Fish

Thou Shall Pamper Thy Fish

If I were a fish I would prefer this ceramic sea flower as opposed to a pathetic moldy plant that would give me fin rot.

If I were a fish I would demand smashed up cheese puffs instead of stinky fish flakes.

If I were a fish the cheese puffs would probably give me fin rot instead.

Keep Your Fish Off Street Drugs.

Keep Your Fish Off Street Drugs.

So I do made to order stuff as well. I currently have a few listings for such items but these are nice because you can arrange and re-arrange them for your fish or reptile.

They even function as regular decor… but I made them with bored and confined fishes in mind.

*Whats that one term for someone who’s done too many drugs and they’re sitting there not reacting to any outside stimuli that there seems to be an abundance of? FISHBOWLING!!! That, or when teens smoke marijuana in their cars and fail to roll down any windows.

Don’t make your fish or reptile turn to drugs because his environment is an abyss of nothingness. Spruce it up with some WhiteCitrus Decor.

Rusty, Man.

Rusty, Man.

These pieces are puny and meant for puny fish, reptile, and amphibian environments.

On a side note: Today I found an itty bitty turtle in the middle of the bike path… He was the size of a friggin pinball… anyway I moved him to the near by pond. And he is safe now. Hopefully.