The Cave of Orange Creme

The Cave of Orange Creme

I started making fish caves because I felt bad for my betta fish who had to spend all day and all night inside their respective fish bowls.

One day I came home to find a what looked to be a dried up leaf on the floor next to the fish bowls. That’s odd, I thought. How did a leaf end up all the way on the second floor of the house?

Upon further inspection, I discovered that the dried up leaf was the post suicidal corpse of my purple veil tail, D’Mitri. After almost two years he had become so bored with his life that he jumped out of his bowl.

Don’t let this happen to your beloved fish and sea creatures. Give them something to explore, something to do, and don’t forget to re-arrange the environment every month! (This really comes in handy when introducing new fish to a group tank, too.)


Open Wide Because I Am In Love With You

Open Wide Because I Am In Love With You

This tooth tray also reminds me of a unique tire tread.

Teeth are important! Take care of yours or whatever you happen to have left!!

That concludes this public service announcement.

Customize Your Aquarium in a Cheap but Admirable Way

Customize Your Aquarium in a Cheap but Admirable Way

I look at other shops selling similar items and wonder who would pay $15 for a three inch ‘ring bowl’ that took 20 minutes to create at the very most. Who would pay $30 for an ‘aquarium rock’ that someone found by the river?

I create my aquarium works with myself in mind, thinking, would I really pay $25 for a set of handmade aquarium accessories where I can choose the style and the color? The answer is…


Anything beats all the sunken treasure pirate crap at the pet store.

Fish Cave Rave

Fish Cave Rave

Your fish will be able to throw some bitchin’ parties in this thing. Just make sure he doesn’t do too much MDMA and get stuck gyrating around in that second hole.

On another note, my boyfriend was staring blankly at one of my tomato plants and asked me if I would like him to cut off all the dead flowers. Sigh. Sunstroke Summer 2013.

Fairly Priced, Hold the Rice

Fairly Priced, Hold the Rice

Here is a lovely black cave for tiny pets such as fish and lizards.

I have gone on a small hiatus. It is just too difficult to sit and make sculptures when I could be outside getting stung by wasps. Luckily I left a couple pieces to trickle through before I go back to work.

Say, has anyone seen Waldo?