Feline Medicine

I will have an ongoing coupon code until the end of 2015. Use the code WHITE10 over and over at checkout for 10% off in my obscure pottery store.

Feline Medicine.


Mind Playin’ Tricks on Me…


I got free press somewhere, or i’m assuming I did because shitty shitty June June is suddenly exploding with sales and custom orders.

The cosmos are going bat shit crazy as well.http://www.etsy.com/shop/whitecitrus

“Hey dude… She double dogs…”

Fish Cave Rave

Fish Cave Rave

Your fish will be able to throw some bitchin’ parties in this thing. Just make sure he doesn’t do too much MDMA and get stuck gyrating around in that second hole.

On another note, my boyfriend was staring blankly at one of my tomato plants and asked me if I would like him to cut off all the dead flowers. Sigh. Sunstroke Summer 2013.