White Friday

The White Stuff.

While some are scrambling and trampling out in the big scary ominous malls, I am here, doing that ceramics business. This year was leaning towards oblique geometric lookin’ dishes, but now those pesky fish caves have taken the lead again.


The Cave of Orange Creme

The Cave of Orange Creme

I started making fish caves because I felt bad for my betta fish who had to spend all day and all night inside their respective fish bowls.

One day I came home to find a what looked to be a dried up leaf on the floor next to the fish bowls. That’s odd, I thought. How did a leaf end up all the way on the second floor of the house?

Upon further inspection, I discovered that the dried up leaf was the post suicidal corpse of my purple veil tail, D’Mitri. After almost two years he had become so bored with his life that he jumped out of his bowl.

Don’t let this happen to your beloved fish and sea creatures. Give them something to explore, something to do, and don’t forget to re-arrange the environment every month! (This really comes in handy when introducing new fish to a group tank, too.)

A Sculpture in Progress

A Sculpture in Progress

This is a cave designed for little bottom dwellers… they can pick inside the indents and find bottom dweller gold. Or whatever it is those bottom dwellers are always rummaging around for…

Would also look smashing with reptiles. Oh Behave.

I hope to have this in the shop in about 2 weeks. High Fire White Clay doesn’t like to dry very fast. I’m still waiting on a sculpture from 2 days ago to dry.

Keep Your Fish Off Street Drugs.

Keep Your Fish Off Street Drugs.

So I do made to order stuff as well. I currently have a few listings for such items but these are nice because you can arrange and re-arrange them for your fish or reptile.

They even function as regular decor… but I made them with bored and confined fishes in mind.

*Whats that one term for someone who’s done too many drugs and they’re sitting there not reacting to any outside stimuli that there seems to be an abundance of? FISHBOWLING!!! That, or when teens smoke marijuana in their cars and fail to roll down any windows.

Don’t make your fish or reptile turn to drugs because his environment is an abyss of nothingness. Spruce it up with some WhiteCitrus Decor.

Orange Coral Sculpture – Fishbowl Perfect

Orange Coral Sculpture - Fishbowl Perfect

Oh how I love this one. It kind of reminds me of a pomegranate… But it is not! It is simply and abstracted coral sculpture.

I started making these because I was the worst aquarium plant keeper in the world. I understand the importance of real plants, but some people… (myself…) Just don’t have a green aquatic thumb… The real plants would always die or grow mold and people who work 60 hours a week don’t have time for that nonsense!