As The Daylight Grows…


Winter has interupted my natural lighting. Winter has also been making my socks wet.


Straight from the Space Cave.

Straight from the Space Cave.

This crystal meteor is tumbling towards earth at record speed. Duck and cover isn’t going to save you now.

The Face of Hallucinogens

The Face of Hallucinogens

Accompanying this fresh new fish cave is a public service inquiry.

When I was little (early 90s) I repeatedly rented this video tape from the library called ‘Best of the Fest’. It had a bunch of short films. One was about these jack o lanterns that carved themselves and floated around town… another was about this man named dan who tried to buy a fan from this cheeky lizard… another was about a farmer and his unsettling silo… There was a double dutch jumprope montage…

What I’m getting at is I can find no information on this tape anywhere (even on the internet.) My hope is that someone who stumbles upon this will know what the hell I’m talking about and be able to refer me to a source where I can watch my beloved Best of the Fest again.

Happy Tuesday.

No Cryin’ Unless Someone’s Dyin’

No Cryin' Unless Someone's Dyin'

Today I learned that teardrop can be one word OR two. That’s right, I have a bachelors degree in teaching with high honors.

Oh College, what a joke. Maybe that’s why my sculptures have been representing teardrops and drooping lately.

Can you hear that? The worlds smallest violin is playing a sad song just for meeee.

By the way, that teardrop is a fish cave incase you didn’t know.