White Friday

The White Stuff.

While some are scrambling and trampling out in the big scary ominous malls, I am here, doing that ceramics business. This year was leaning towards oblique geometric lookin’ dishes, but now those pesky fish caves have taken the lead again.


Suggestive Blue Lips

Suggestive Blue Lips

So this royal blue glaze has been total pain in the ass. It keeps marbling, which fortunately fits this particular sculpture, but I made a leaf for my friend

A Sculpture in Progress

A Sculpture in Progress

This is a cave designed for little bottom dwellers… they can pick inside the indents and find bottom dweller gold. Or whatever it is those bottom dwellers are always rummaging around for…

Would also look smashing with reptiles. Oh Behave.

I hope to have this in the shop in about 2 weeks. High Fire White Clay doesn’t like to dry very fast. I’m still waiting on a sculpture from 2 days ago to dry.

Rusty, Man.

Rusty, Man.

These pieces are puny and meant for puny fish, reptile, and amphibian environments.

On a side note: Today I found an itty bitty turtle in the middle of the bike path… He was the size of a friggin pinball… anyway I moved him to the near by pond. And he is safe now. Hopefully.

Orange Coral Sculpture – Fishbowl Perfect

Orange Coral Sculpture - Fishbowl Perfect

Oh how I love this one. It kind of reminds me of a pomegranate… But it is not! It is simply and abstracted coral sculpture.

I started making these because I was the worst aquarium plant keeper in the world. I understand the importance of real plants, but some people… (myself…) Just don’t have a green aquatic thumb… The real plants would always die or grow mold and people who work 60 hours a week don’t have time for that nonsense!