Featuring… Moi!

Featuring… Moi!

My work has been featured in its very own article. SMASHING!!!! If you’re into the wonderful hobby of fish keeping you should check out the article and Aquarist Magazine ( @AquaristMag)


Open Wide Because I Am In Love With You

Open Wide Because I Am In Love With You

This tooth tray also reminds me of a unique tire tread.

Teeth are important! Take care of yours or whatever you happen to have left!!

That concludes this public service announcement.

Customize Your Aquarium in a Cheap but Admirable Way

Customize Your Aquarium in a Cheap but Admirable Way

I look at other shops selling similar items and wonder who would pay $15 for a three inch ‘ring bowl’ that took 20 minutes to create at the very most. Who would pay $30 for an ‘aquarium rock’ that someone found by the river?

I create my aquarium works with myself in mind, thinking, would I really pay $25 for a set of handmade aquarium accessories where I can choose the style and the color? The answer is…


Anything beats all the sunken treasure pirate crap at the pet store.

Rusty, Man.

Rusty, Man.

These pieces are puny and meant for puny fish, reptile, and amphibian environments.

On a side note: Today I found an itty bitty turtle in the middle of the bike path… He was the size of a friggin pinball… anyway I moved him to the near by pond. And he is safe now. Hopefully.