White Friday

The White Stuff.

While some are scrambling and trampling out in the big scary ominous malls, I am here, doing that ceramics business. This year was leaning towards oblique geometric lookin’ dishes, but now those pesky fish caves have taken the lead again.


Mind Playin’ Tricks on Me…


I got free press somewhere, or i’m assuming I did because shitty shitty June June is suddenly exploding with sales and custom orders.

The cosmos are going bat shit crazy as well.http://www.etsy.com/shop/whitecitrus

“Hey dude… She double dogs…”

Searching, Sucking

Searching, Sucking

These remind me of that Chex Quest CD-ROM game that came in boxes of Chex in… the late 90s? Anyway. There’s this part in the game where if you stand still around the gloobly green goober lookin’ things too long they stick out their snouts and suck your energy and you faint. It looked like some weird alien space orgy.