White Friday

The White Stuff.

While some are scrambling and trampling out in the big scary ominous malls, I am here, doing that ceramics business. This year was leaning towards oblique geometric lookin’ dishes, but now those pesky fish caves have taken the lead again.


The Outer Limits


I am torn between the guaranteed market niche of ceramic fish cavey things…

Or the guaranteed yet saturated niche market of crazy cat ladies.

Man, what a wild Thursday night.

Breeding Pandemonium


Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you: One of my lovely fish caves inside of my cousins over crowded incest tank.

Yes. I know.

Coming soon: Suburban Living for fish


Ta dah! Silhouette houses for the fishies. I am also making one to send over to the UK because it is going to be reviewed for an aquarium magazine/forum/website.

My last post made me a little paranoid about copycats. As a youth I was always giving the copycats of my class regular beatings, but how can one punch another over the internet? CARRY ON!

No Cryin’ Unless Someone’s Dyin’

No Cryin' Unless Someone's Dyin'

Today I learned that teardrop can be one word OR two. That’s right, I have a bachelors degree in teaching with high honors.

Oh College, what a joke. Maybe that’s why my sculptures have been representing teardrops and drooping lately.

Can you hear that? The worlds smallest violin is playing a sad song just for meeee.

By the way, that teardrop is a fish cave incase you didn’t know.