Yes! It HAS Been Awhile…


But not to worry. I haven’t stopped working. My life was briefly sucked into an abyss, however.

Hugs and kisses. *click*


Feline Medicine

I will have an ongoing coupon code until the end of 2015. Use the code WHITE10 over and over at checkout for 10% off in my obscure pottery store.

Feline Medicine.

White Friday

The White Stuff.

While some are scrambling and trampling out in the big scary ominous malls, I am here, doing that ceramics business. This year was leaning towards oblique geometric lookin’ dishes, but now those pesky fish caves have taken the lead again.


So. About a year ago I inquired about some shorts from a tape I used to watch when I was little, but couldn’t find ANY information on it what so ever.

Since my readers just read and watch me flounder, I dug a little deeper and this is what I came up with…

These videos were on the tape, but there were A LOT more. So if ANYONE knows what the hell I am talking about please let me know. And show me where I can watch the whole thing.

Indian Summer


Now when its nice and warm and sunny out, I hide out on the porch and paint pottery.

When it’s freezing cold outside I choose to venture out into the woods.

What the hell happened to me?

The Outer Limits


I am torn between the guaranteed market niche of ceramic fish cavey things…

Or the guaranteed yet saturated niche market of crazy cat ladies.

Man, what a wild Thursday night.

Bummer, Summer.


So I found this magical dumpster full of bottlecaps that I once saw in a dream.

Now it is gone.

No, I am not tripping balls. It actually existed at one point in time.

Some Etsy snobs call this a filler listing, but I call it variety hour.